CPMR: A new Interreg Volunteer (IVY) to support Biodiversity protection and Sustainable Tourism projects in the Mediterranean

Hi! I am Riccardo, a new Interreg Volunteer for the CPMR! During the next five months, I will support the activities of three Interreg projects: Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community, HERIT DATA and WINTER MED. And I am so excited to start!

I am 25 years old, and I grew up in Naples, Italy, where I am also based for my remote work, but I am attached to the CPMR headquarter in Rennes. I recently obtained a MA in Cooperation & Development in the Mediterranean (Master MIM+), encompassing several topics and contemporary challenges for Mediterranean societies, and taking place in three countries (Italy, France and Morocco).  After my degree, I was hired for an internship at the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions, and namely at its Intermediterranean Commission, with a twofold assignment: I’ve been in charge of a “Policy” strand addressing various domains (economic and social cohesion, integrated maritime policy, transport, water and energy); and of a “Project” strand, as I supported two European projects: SolAqua, focused on solar irrigation powered systems (SPIS); and REGIN, on migrants and refugees’ integration practices led by regional administrations.

At the end of the contract, I took the opportunity to continue this collaboration as an Interreg Volunteer. In the contemporary context of the pandemics and climate change, I believe the three projects on which I will work to be extremely relevant: sustainable tourism and biodiversity protection are among the main challenges of our society. Moreover, the Interreg Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to work in a multicultural context, to meet people and associations engaged in human and social development, and last but not least, to diffuse the activities of the Interreg Platform which, despite its crucial role in European territorial cooperation, seems not to be adequately popular among European citizens. On the contrary, during last months I discovered an impressive network, the Interreg network and specifically Interreg MED, promoting hundreds of massive projects for the sustainable development of the Mediterranean region, addressing different crucial sectors and suggesting virtuous approaches to public policies.

Moreover, my mission within the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions, under the coordination of the Association of European Border Regions and the Interreg programme, is also driven by a further interest: the sustainable development of Southern Italy, a region socially and economically depressed despite its enormous potential. Macro-regional integration, Integrated Maritime Policy, Sustainable tourism and Biodiversity protection are in my opinion crucial topics and sectors for my territory of origin. I hope I will learn tips, tools and methods to share and diffuse as soon as possible within my social network – and I’m sure I will!

I experienced that the CPMR is a wonderful professional environment, with special colleagues and a very important mission: to support the interest of peripheral and maritime regions of Europe, and enhance the cooperation among them. I am sure that AEBR and Interreg play a similar role, and I’m happy to support them for the next five months!

Riccardo Vicinanza.

For more information about Interreg Volunteer Youth programme please visit:


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