ACR+: Watch again the COP26 EU side event “Circular economy & local governments: sustainable resource management to mitigate climate change”

On 6 November 2021, ACR+ co-organised a European Union Side Event during the COP26, together with ICLEI Europe and HESAM University. The session underscored the need to move from a linear to a circular economic model in order to tackle climate change, and the role which local governments must play. Actions undertaken in the More Circularity, Less Carbon campaign were presented by ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland, together with best practice cases from cities.

ACR+ moderated a panel discussion featuring cities and regions, including ACR+ member Sardegna together with representatives of Rotterdam Municipality, Turku Municipality and Bourgogne Franche Comté Region, to discuss the measures they have taken, the challenges they have faced, and the results they have achieved on their way towards circular economy. They concluded that some of the actions that cities and regions can take include easing companies’ financing during the transition to a circular business model, stimulating the demand of sustainable products and services, keeping a constant dialogue with citizens active to raise awareness, leading by the example (e.g. with green public procurement), as well as monitoring and following the transition towards circular economy in all its aspects.

The recording is available here.

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