ACR+: ProCirc | New support documents to embed circularity along the procurement process

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Thanks to the ProCirc partners, procurers now have access to two support documents to embed circularity along the procurement process: the Procurement transformation canvas and workshop manual and the Circular Procurement Transformation Guidance.

Organisations wanting to rethink their procurement process and integrate circularity in their procurement department will find relevant advice in the Workshop document. This manual explains the different elements to consider for the preparation of a workshop on Circular Public Procurement and how getting on board all relevant stakeholders will allow to identify the focus areas for moving forward with the circular procurement strategy and practice.

The Guidance document provides extra information, tips, tools and inspiration for the different phases of the procurement journey.  The Guidance includes several results of the ProCirc project such as the circular procurement pilots, or a great number of circular procurement tools and toolboxes.









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