ACR+: Biocircularcities | Project’s pilots receive support from external experts

Five external experts, representing private companies and research organisations, joined the first Peer Review session of the Biocircularcities project.

After a presentation of their experience and projects on circular bioeconomy, the experts were introduced to the Biocircularcities project, the selected biowaste value chains to be studied in the three pilots (Pazardzhik Province, Metropolitan City of Naples and ACR+ member Metropolitan Area of Barcelona) and to the conclusions of previous Living Labs on challenges and potential solutions in the current biowaste management in the pilot territories. Each pilot could discuss some specific points with the experts regarding their local situation and planned scenarios to reach a circular bioeconomy on their territory.  The participation of external reviewers has been fundamental to validate and support project choices and preliminary results as well as to answer questions prepared by the consortium for each pilot.


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