ACR+: A FRONTrunner approach to Systemic circular, Holistic & Inclusive solutions for a new Paradigm of territorial circular economy

ACR+ became member of the Advisor Council of the Horizon2020 FRONTSH1P project which aims to ensure the green and just transition of the Polish Łódzkie region towards decarbonization and territorial regeneration through the demonstration of four circular systemic solutions in other regions including ACR+ member Friesland.
This project is led by EURADA, the European Association of Development Agencies, which will celebrate its 30th Anniversary on 7-8 June in Brussels, right before ACR+ General Assembly. This year’s event will hold activities such as a site visit to the A6K Engineering Centre in Charleroi, or a full day in the European Committee of the Regions with conferences to discuss new challenges regarding politics and regional economic development. This event is an opportunity to gather new ideas and inspiration for the future of regional development, as well as to further debate how we should organise ourselves to be more competitive and have a more inclusive society.

Find more information here.

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